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he killed his cousin. it happened. and chase has to live with that. he gets in the car and he will think that all the time. >> reporter: marcus's classmates and family are having a tough time with it. >> he had his whole life ahead of him and one little mistake and he's gone. it's very, very sad and tragic. it hurts my heart because i can think what if that was one of my kids. i can't imagine. >> reporter: bob johnson says his grand son, chase, is really hurting, but he says marcus wouldn't want him to give up on the family sport. >> i know that marcus would say to chase you drive the car. i don't want you to stop racing because of me. you drive that car. >> reporter: chase's grandfather says whatever he decides to do,
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whether he continues racing or gives it up his family will be behind him. tonight the sheriff's investigators are reportedly looking at a mechanical failure as a potential car. the steering wheel came off sending his grand son's car out of control. reporting live in petaluma, i'm jodi hernandez. school closures, teacher layoffs and larger classes all up for discussion in the south bay right now. there is an $8 million hole to fill. the superintendent says there is no way around it. students will feel an impact. kris sanchez has more. the community will get their say tonight. >> reporter: she never imagined she would be an activist but never imagined her children would lose their school. the school district is considering sending 270 students
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to the next nearest schools to save about $750,000 a year. morales tells met that changing schools will be hard on families that don't drive and worries her children could end up farther away if the new school becomes overcrowded. grandmother says it will hurt families struggling to make ends meet. >> the school provides daycare. they drop off the babies and then bring the kids to here. it is not only -- this community needs a lot of support. >> reporter: superintendent says the district has done all it can with state funding that is now about $5,000 per student instead of the $6,400 it should be under prop 98. the district now faces an $8 million gap. >> california funding is one of the lowest in the nation. everything that we do at this
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point because we have made reductions over time already, will affect students. >> reporter: the superintendent says all options are on the table from consolidations to furlough days and asking the community to support a tax. since the beginning of the recession allen rock avoided some of the more painful cuts other districts went through. while the math is tough for grown ups the lesson is harder for the kids. >> i don't know how to explain to him you have to go to school because of no funding. gl i don't feel like leaving. i like this school. >> that was kris sanchez reporting. he once wrote laws and policies for santa clara county. today the former president of the board of supervisors is on the wrong side of the law. george shirakawa pled guilty to 12 charges including felony regarding public money he
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reportedly used to feed a gambling addiction. what was his reaction today? >> reporter: given the d.a. said there was a dark cloud over santa clara county shirakawa didn't speak. fierce fighter for the poor and under privileged told the judge he broke the law. 12 times the judge asked former supervisor george shirakawa how he pled and 12 times shirakawa responded guilty. >> it's a very sad day when a supervisor comes in and pleads guilty 12 times. >> reporter: shirakawa blames a gambling addiction and depression for misusing public funds and for lying on campaign documents under penalty of perjury. in exchange the d.a. agreed not to push for the maximum, eight years in state prison. >> we were aware of his addiction and some of his public
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service and how the community was wronged. we knew he was going to step down right away and we wanted to entd the nightmare. >> reporter: two weeks ago the assistant d.a. laid out the financial crimes. today she said shirakawa gave her tax returns showing $400,000 in gambling winnings, money that is now gone. >> people wrote checks to him. they thought they were supporting his campaign and instead they were supporting his gambling habit. >> reporter: only one person has pulled papers to run for shirakawa's seat. she is putresia martinez roch. >> i think he is very lucky. i would like to see some of the other people in the county get the same treatment. >> reporter: his political career now gone, george shirakawa is now fighting to keep his freedom. on april 30 the judge will set a
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sentencing date. i spoke with george shirakawa on the day that he resigned. i got a text late this afternoon saying he will sit in front of our cameras exclusively right around sentencing to explain everything. >> thank you, damian. we know football fans will shell out thousands of doctors for super bowl tickets. the mayor's office in santa clara has drawn up a proposal that will cost the city millions. the nfl must decide between miami and santa clara. santa clara's mayor hopes to gain the edge by waving the hotel tax and suspending surcharges and dropping parking fees. officials say it can be offset by the income and publicity generated by the super bowl. bay area, we are about to
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trade in the sunshine we had over the weekend for some rain. a live look. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. a lot of outdoor activities and basketball later in the week. >> and what we are seeing is whether we should have this time of year. we would like to see six inches of rainfall. a developing storm starts to get going at our coast line we are seeing ways to pick up 5 to 7 feet. the storm is still 1,000 miles away and/or greater out here in the pacific. we are going to find wide reaching rain totals from .05 inch. this is going to help improve the pollen levels and also the air quality. good stuff coming out of this because we are looking at a developing drought as we head throughout may for the drought outlook monitor.
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we are running 68 to 79% of normal. we will have the full timeline later on throughout the show. oakland police are rolling out a new strategy they say for fighting crime in the city. the department is redrawing the district map switching from the current two police districts to five smaller districts. the first subdistrict will be in east oakland and should be in place by saturday. each district will be managed by two police captains responsible for community outreach and deploying the officers. >> this will be heavily focused on community input as well as input from others, businesses, it is a total team effort not just the police department. >> if the experiment works out in east oakland the program will roll out in other police districts, as well. the goal is to manage city resources and address high crime areas. renters could have help revolving disputes with
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landlords over security deposits. after years of complaints that landlords were failing to return the deposits they are releasing a new bill. the bill would require interest payments on all held funds and would assess penalties if landlords kept the deposits without just cause. a senatet committee will take up the bill this spring. a popular bay area club bounces a performer after a wild rant. what the singer said. >> planned parenthood is the big baby killer business. so we're here to save lives. are protests getting too personal. bay area city making the move to keep patients at planned parenthood safe. got tissues? i'll tell you why doctors say this is going to be an allergy season to remember.
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thnchlths commute on bart this week might feel a little more cramped than usual. a week long test program was launched allowing bikes on the trains at all times even during the peak morning and afternoon commute. bikes are restricted from the first three cars during peak travel times. bart will spend the week to get feedback on the test program. this is the second time bart has tried expanding the hours when bikes are allowed on the train. eight teams will play this week. fans from all over the bay area will converge on the south bay. checking in with bay area businesses that hope to make a little money on this.
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>> reporter: they do, jessica. they are all big basketball fans. march madness is coming to town this week. we have a ground floor look at how this city and the economy is getting ready. there are renovation projects and then there is this. crews laying down the floor where march madness will happen inside hp pavilion. >> and a feather in the cap for this building. >> reporter: putting the arena in the national spot light with teams and fans from all over the country to follow. >> we are going to be showcasing our building on tv to a national audience. that is great exposure for the building and the city of san jose to showcase as not only a great athletic city but one of the great in the united states. >> reporter: the benefits will be felt outside hp pavilion.
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downtown san jose restaurants and hotels will be packed this week. >> we will be sold out starting tomorrow through saturday. >> reporter: as visitors pour money into a south bay economy that has been on a tech fuelled housing boosted roll. >> we anticipate being sold out with reservations and dinner parties. we have several private dining rooms booked for officials and special dinners and stuff like that. >> reporter: with the bon jovi concert around the corner these are good times for san jose's arena and the ripple effects will be felt through the entire downtown. again, the games kick off here thursday morning. i'm told there are still seats available. best bet is to go through ticket master or the schools that are playing here themselves. reporting live in downtown san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. march madness in san jose. game over for the ceo of one
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of the most well known gaming companies in the world. electronic arts announced that john rick tello is stepping down. e.a. was voted the worst company in america in a poll during his stay here. the singer stunning the crowd last night. many people just walking out after hearing the artist make antigay remarks. i want to show you video posted on youtube which shows her singing at the l.a. church where she became a born again christian. she went on antigay tirade. other bay area venues cancelled schedule events in response to hearing what happened.
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if you haven't already, grab your kleenex. allergy season is in full bloom. marianne favro joins us with what is to blame here. >> reporter: this is a tale of beauty and the boost. the beauty is the blooms. the beast is the fact that the trees are relacing tons of pollen and that is creating an early al surgery season. >> these early blooms are a dream. for people with allergies they are a nightmare. >> my eyes were very irritated. i kept rubbing and rubbing and they kept being irritated. new to the area i thought it must be pollen in the air. >> reporter: allergist says she is right. he just checked his pollen
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collector in the south bay and says most people can blame recent sneezing and watering eyes on the grasses and blooming trees especially oak, birch and juniper trees that are spewing out a lot of pollen right now. >> i think they are earlier than usual. and i think it is because we have had some dry, warm weather. >> reporter: for those with allergies it may be a painful sign of what is to come. >> i think we will have a lot of allergies this year. >> reporter: he says the valley collects a lot of pollen so if you are miserable head north or to the beach. if you can't do that try to stay indoors and avoid doing yard work. if you're still suffering doctor choorecommends over-the-counter medications such as claritin. if that doesn't work he suggests you see an allergist.
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spring begins march 20 but it looks like this season you may begin it with a giant tissue box. and it may be for the first time dr. choosays it is possible to develop allergies later in life even though you have never experienced symptoms ever before. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> certainly seeing a lot of people sneezing around here. >> i am about to sneeze right now. let's have jeff join us. really cloudy today. >> definitely huge changes. we are also going to get a look at the pollen forecast which will be getting better here. we are seeing winds pick up from 10 to 20 miles per hour. a little bit of green off to the north. the lower atmosphere is so dry no rain drops hitting the ground just ret. 66 in santa rosa. cloud cover cooling it back in the east bay. a little heat down in the south bay. also your high of 72 in gilroy
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and 71 in santa teresa. current numbers are dropping off the most immediate coast and the north bay. let's get you outside of this live hd sky camera. the camera pointed right up towards the sky. again, it is dry this evening so your safest commute will be throughout tonight and tomorrow the roadways will start to slicken up. you can see in emeryville back towards san francisco you expect that storm to be here for tonight. let's get you back into the weather graphics. you will see as he head throughout tomorrow night and wednesday morning the thing i want to hit here the most is in the south bay we are not going to see too much. maybe trace amounts. it is the east bay to the north bay where we have the best chance of getting a quarter inch or higher. not the strongest storm this season but definitely strong enough to help the allergy forecast to go down.
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you get more on your forecast anytime at a different take on byob. just ahead the trendy plan to share hundreds of bikes across the bay area. and don't retire here. one of the nation's more respected magazines are telling people of the bay area it is the worst place to retire. and what we found when we fact checked the logic.
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the california high speed rail authority is moving forward with plans for the nation's first bullet train. officials approved nearly $8.6 billion in taxpayer funds today. the state will try to sell $3.7 billion in bonds which will be matched with nearly $3 billion in federal money. construction is set to begin this summer. the first segment will run to
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bakersfield. the project will eventually link the bay area to l.a. with trains traveling up to 220 miles per hour. budget cuts has an extra $125 million to spend thanks for voters who passed prop 30. administrators know how they will spend the money. nearly a third will pay for more instructors and staff. more online classes will also be added and another third of the money will give employees an average raise of 1.2%. t still to come here at 6:00. how would you like to retire here in san francisco or san jose? according to a new report the two cities deserve a spot on the list of the worst retirement options in the country. we'll check in with the claim. and i'm janelle wang. she retired from the state
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department but hillary clinton makes headlines for her stance on gay marriage. and a mass murder averted. a student's plan to kill his classmates at a major university. how police arrived just in a knick of time. taking a stand against protesters. what san francisco can be getting tough on a particularly type of activist. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. with qualifying bundles. the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email.
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and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. is it free speech or just harassment? that is the heart of a battle playing out outside of planned parenthood. protesters say they are there to change minds. some say it is harassment. >> we're not going away. >> reporter: says one woman who hands out antiabortion
6:27 pm
information in front of the planned parenthood office. >> planned parenthood is the big baby killing business. so we're here to save lives. >> and it is so scary for our clients. >> reporter: says the spokesperson for planned parenthood. >> we had weekly women coming in that have been harassed. folks want to go out the back door because they don't want to have to face them. >> reporter: in the middle of all of this, david campos, a san francisco supervisor who will introduce legislation on tuesday that would create a 25 foot buffer zone around the entrances, exits and drive ways of the facilities. >> the effort is to relieve balance between the right that people have to express themselves and the right balance that the people, the right that they have to access health care including reproductive health. >> reporter: campos says planned parenthood officials have been complaining about antiabortion intimidation tactics for about a
6:28 pm
year. these pictures provided to us by planned parenthood shows pictures of dead fetuses to scare clients. >> we have protesters that have video and they videotape everyone coming in and out of the health center. they take pictures of us proudly. >> reporter: the protesters in front of planned parenthood who represent the national organization called 40 days for life did not use graphic images while we were at the clinic. the spokesperson says the members are against the legislation to move the informational pict further way because? >> so many women are coerced into coming in here. >> reporter: the first reading of the campos legislation will take place tomorrow afternoon. campos says he has no idea how much support he will have. in san francisco, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. just six weeks after
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stepping down as secretary of state hillary clinton is making headlines again tonight publicly announcing her support for gay marriage. janelle wang has the latest in our world tonight. >> clinton's endorsement came in a video posted by a gay rights advocacy group. >> i support it personally and as a matter of policy and law. >> it is a switch in position in 2008 when she publicly opposed gay marriage during her run for president. the announcement comes one week before the arguments being heard on california's prop 8. the syrian war escalates to a new level. syrian jets launched an attack on lebanon. they fired several rockets into the border town reportedly targeting rebel fighters. the obama administration announced it won't stop its allies from arming those rebels. another volatile region is
6:30 pm
preparing for a visit from president obama. israel is rolling out the red carpet for mr. obama's arrival on wednesday. the president will visit israel, the west bank and jordan during his three-day trip. vice president joe biden is in rome to attend the installuation mass. crews are working to prepare for tomorrow's ceremony. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend. back here in the states, chilling new details about the young man who gunned down 20 children in the newtown massacre. the new york daily news said adam lanza kept a large spreadsheet seven feet long detailing mass murders from the past. a special panel released the preliminary report. recommended universal background checks, a ban on high capacity
6:31 pm
magazines and more school security specifically classroom doors that can be locked from the inside. another possible mass murder averted. police say 30-year-old james was planning an attack at the university of central florida in orlando. police believe the business student pulled the fire alarm just after midnight in a large dorm to lure all of the students in the open but a student noticed the gun and called 911. the suspect ended up killing himself. in his dorm room they found two guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and several explosive devices. the motive is still unclear tonight. when you think about retirement, what do you envision? maybe palm trees, the pacific coast, maybe in the desert. according to a new report you would be foolish to retire around here. >> recently ranked the ten worst places to retire and san francisco and san jose made that
6:32 pm
dubious list. tonight's reality check sam brock took a look. >> it doesn't seem like that bad of a place to live. sticker shock might help explain the rankings. the median home price is about $740,000. for san francisco it is closer to 800,000. when you make decisions as a consumer do you look at the price or do you consider quality and longevity and your ability to pay. in a picture perfect world we probably all retire in a place like this. san francisco would sure be nice or maybe san jose unless you consult u.s. news and world report which listed both cities on its annual list of ten worst places to retire. how do these bay area gems earn such a dubious distinction? a very high cost of living,
6:33 pm
expensive housing and california taxes. >> you can go ski in the mountains, you have the ocean and so many things. if you are looking for an inexpensive destination i'm sure topeka, kansas is better. >> reporter: he says quality of life factors into the retirement equation. let's look at facts. the bay area is known for outdoor enthusiasts, exercisers, bike riders. maybe the lifestyle is paying off. california is ranked third in the country in life expectancy at 80.4 years. and the bay area medical services are considered elite by the same publication u.s. news and world report that compiled the retirement list. ucsf was ranked in the highest echelon in the country. what about the pesky taxes and high costs of living?
6:34 pm
>> i don't feel like it is a straw that is breaking the camel's back. >> reporter: a financial adviser based out of san francisco who doesn't see many clients who avoid california because of taxes. he says people who move to california do so largely for the lifestyle and recoup the money by not having to travel for hiking and beach trips. >> what are you used to? if you are used to a lower cost structure someplace else it may be difficult to come here. the people of means can afford to live here and they say it is nice here. there is a reason i came to california or i want to stay in california. >> and the u.s. news and world report highlights housing to rent and own is really, really expensive but omits the obvious that people don't make
6:35 pm
retirement decisions based solely on economic factors and living in the bay area is still reasonable for many folks in state. just five years ago the same report listed san francisco as one of the best places to retire. has that much changed since then? the claim is false. that's today's reality check. san francisco is short on the fundraising goal to cover the cost for the america's cup race but says all is not lost. the city is asking to help pay for the race. an online petition was created and it has more than 1,300 signatures encouraging elson to pay the difference. he agrees the city won't have to tap into tax incomes to help pay for the race. you will be able to sail through the streets of san francisco on a free shared bike. beginning in august san francisco, san jose and three peninsula cities will be part of a $7 million bike sharing
6:36 pm
program. the air quality district will start with 700 bikes at 70 stations. half of the bikes will be in downtown san francisco and the other situated within a mile or two. the free bike share program is wildly popular in europe especially in london. still ahead at 6:00 spring baseball here but looks different than it usually does. america's past time getting a worldly makeover next. i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking cloud cover for tonight and temperatures beginning to drop with a storm offshore. if you are getting ready for your tuesday, temperatures in the 40s to start and increasing chances of showers. i'm back with the full seven day forecast in just a few minutes.
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in health matters first sodas and now tobacco. new york mayor is targeting under age smoking proposing a measure to keep tobacco products out of sight. cigarettes and cigars can only be seen during purchase or when a clerk is restocking. several countries have enacted a similar plan. the bill would be the first of its kind in the nation. when in doubt pull them out according to the new guidelines of the american academy of neurology. it recommends coaches take players out of the game as soon as they have been hit in the head and shouldn't be allowed to come back in the game until they are checked out by a specialist. the academy found younger brains take longer to recover than college age athletes. experts say most helmets are
6:40 pm
designed to prevent skull fractures and not concussions. >> so many athletes suffer just playing saurk and other things that don't wear helmets. things are changing. >> we finally have rainfall. look at downtown san francisco. we have cloud cover offshore and blue sky. we will let you know when the showers arrive coming up in my full forecast. things are changing around the sports landscape. a lot of excitement among local colleges. the men and women ncaa brackets are out. tiger woods has himself a new celebrity girlfriend. wait until you hear how the couple announced their relationship. details coming up in sports. then you're going to love sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp, seasoned just right and served in three new combinations. at sizzler!
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jeff ranieri is ecstatic because rain is heading our way. >> you can see the doppler radar skating around right now. i am a little concerned about this arriving slightly earlier than expected at least six hours ahead. we may not rule out isolated areas of showers into the north bay late tonight and early for tomorrow morning. we will save the heaviest rainfall for later on. cloud cover has arrived. wide spread cloud cover
6:43 pm
throughout santa rosa down to san jose. current temperatures are dropping with wide spread 60s. let's get you outside live with the sky camera on this monday. pulling in plenty of clouds from the south. san francisco a mix, low level clouds creating, of course, cloudy conditions at the coast. you look above about 2,000 feet and we are noting blue sky. that is going to be quickly going away. what we have happening is a huge tap of subtropical moisture. by all accounts this would normally produce 1 to 2 inches of rainfall. we are lacking uplift in the atmosphere. we are going to get rain but it is not going to be the strongest storm. it is one of the driest calendar starts to the year here from january to date. right now at the coast line we are finding the cloud cover that will stick for tomorrow with
6:44 pm
wide spread 60 and see 50s and 60s back to the coast as we continue throughout tuesday and wednesday. winds from about 15 to 25 miles per hour. we will get rain in here, accumulating rain by tuesday night and showers lingering into wednesday. your timeline has most of us dry for tomorrow morning. even though our model is not showing it i do not think we can't rule out a few areas of drizzle at the coast line and the north bay for tomorrow morning. as we head throughout the day look to pull out the umbrellas. 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 the chance of showers increase. we will save some of the heavier bouts of rainfall for overnight hours on wednesday. .05 inch to .5 inch. in the south bay trace amounts
6:45 pm
to maybe .1 inch. up towards the north bay from .25 to .5 inch. it is a range of where those totals could fall. expect to see snow from 2 to 7 inches. most of the snow will start above 6,000 feet. do expect winter conditions up to the sierra. 44 in concord. 47 in san jose. warmer start with the cloud cover. by the afternoon right where we should be. 65 in san jose. 65 in los gatos. 59 in santa cruz. it will be slightly warmer in walnut creek. temperatures close to 70 and back here for san francisco we will stay at 60. 64 in santa rosa. 68 in pacifica. on the three day forecast once
6:46 pm
we get over wednesday we will have dry weather here thursday and will continue for the upcoming weekend as we head into friday, saturday and sunday. sunny skies will stay with us and temperatures will rebound back into the mid 70s. by the way, spring does start on wednesday so we get out of winter and now we head into spring. winter temperatures return and also winter rain. >> just like to keep you on your toes. >> mother nature is shaking us around. nchl nchl . a lot of baseball fans worried about the weather. a lot of flag waving tonight. the park is opening the semi-finals of the world baseball classic. here is joe rosato, jr. >> reporter: you will hear baseball called the great american past time. as the world baseball classic descends on the bay area it is strictly an international
6:47 pm
affair. >> we came from new york to support our team. >> reporter: last night it was japan and puerto ricoey at the semi-finals. tonight the netherlands squares off with the dominican republic. >> surprise to see your team play every four years. what can you say? it is worth it. >> reporter: it is not your typical baseball crowd. there were news crews from around the world. inside the giants dugout store orange and black was sharing space. >> it is different from major league because you have the flags going and the horns going. it is kind of the soccer baseball scene. >> reporter: ticts behind home plate were going for $150 while bleacher seats were recently reduced for just $5. >> got them for $5 in the bleachers. >> reporter: especially when you
6:48 pm
consider parking meters were going for $7 an hour during game time. >> we are probably going to have to throw it into the loss. >> reporter: even though the u.s. was eliminated, major league baseball says the games have been a success even in the soccer loving nations. >> international fans who watch baseball and celebrate baseball in a different way. and when national pride is on the line there is a whole other level of excitement and enthusiasm. >> reporter: here is an outfit you won't see at a giants game. >> this is typical dutch. at the recent semifinal we wear something like this. >> reporter: netherlands fans wore orange. dominican republic fans wore blue. tomorrow night's final with no red, white and blue in sight. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. big party at the ballpark
6:49 pm
tonight. let's bring in scott reiss. >> we are going to be part of the party at 8:30. we are talking college hoops. a nuance of the ncaa tournament. if you are a top four seed you are supposed to be protected to a certain extent. that is not the case for 12 seed but apparently somebody forgot to remind the selection committee of that and the cal bears say thank you very much. they will play at hp pavilion against the five seed unlv. an incredible advantage from a fan standpoint but in terms of travel and preparation, an ideal situation. >> we definitely were surprised that we get to stay so close to home. hopefully we can get a good fan base out there and get good crowds out there to be behind us. we think it is a good situation for us.
6:50 pm
>> i think they are pretty excited. it is a close to home game. i expect a lot of students and alumni. i am happy. >> getting to stay close to home and the same for unlv, makes so much sense to me to have your people, your fans, your people that followed you all year long to be able to be involved potentially with the game. that makes it more fun for everybody. how about the ladies? cal is representing there, as well. a two seed in the spokane region of the ncaa women's tournament. the bears will play fresno state in lubbock saturday 1:20 local time. cal could find itself on a collision course with a bay area area because the cardinals will take on six team seeded tulsa at
6:51 pm
2:20. almost a give me. remember stanford once lost. we could see stanford calin the elite eight. nba action in progress on comcast bay area. the warriors and the hornets. robin lopez from stanford erased by bogut. a couple of blocks and four rebounds in the ball game. still in the first half. harrison barnes and taking it strong. late in the half. nice look to david lee for the finish. golden state by nine at the break. it is 78-69. under 7:00 to go in the game. the sharks will do battle without one of their top forwards. ryan cloe will not play due to a shoulder injury. san jose looking to right the
6:52 pm
ship tonight at 7:00. sign of the times alert. tiger woods has a new girlfriend, a celebrity girlfriend. and how did he let the world know? his facebook page and hers, as well. she is lindsay vonn. so they made the announcement on their respective pages. both are arguably the best in the world at their sports and both have suffered serious knee injuries and both have been divorced. they both love facebook, as well. could be a match made in heaven. 49er quarterback, colin kaepernick tweeted this photo of himself working out adding the caption. good news for niners fans as the 25-year-old appears focused to return the team to super bowl glory next season. and breath taking video from brazil. a pair of dare devil sky divers
6:53 pm
tempting fate, threading needle between two buildings. both men landed safely. seriously? they both landed safely. no word on plans of a repeat performance. and we'll have the full scoop on sharks and warriors tonight. i can see raj mathai, jessica aguirre dicing through skyscrapers in the south bay. >> flying into your living room at 6:00. >> coming to you soon. >> get your promo people on it. >> for a full half hour you can watch sportsnet central tonight at 7:30.
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she looks out her grandmother's window and saw this, a raging fire at the neighbor's house. it is what the 7-year-old girl did next. how she stepped in and saved the day. find out how tonight at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us tonight. hope you have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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>> "extra, extra!." >> now on "extra," lindsay dodges jail. how she got away with another slap on the wrist even after showing up 48 minutes to court. >> lindsay is living in an alternate universe. >> plus her disheveled look after her all night game of planes, trains, and automobiles. gwyneth paltrow stunning new miscarriage. she almost died. and kim kardashian on the record after her own pregnant crisis. >> you had a little bit of a scared. >> jerry's new interview with kim of her new movie and her latest baby scare. >> it freaked me out. >> now trending, julianne hough solo after her break-up from ryan. new details on why they split. tiger is coming out with lindsey vonn. >> how they just confirmed that yes, yes, they are dating. >> crazy video, jodi arias doing
6:59 pm
a head stand seemingly moments before being investigated moments before killing her boyfriend. jodey the movie, who will play her? tonight at night. "dancing's" big premiere. wynonna judd versus kellie pickler. >> i have something that kellie does not have. >> what would that be? >> welcome to "extra" here at the grove. i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. gwyneth paltrow's near-death scare after a miscarriage. is she trying again for baby number three. that's coming up. >> we have a lot to get to today, let's get to the top story. 48 minutes late, gritter bombed on her way inside and now lindsay lohan not headed to jail for lying to police about this infamous crash. dressed in all white, barely to keep her eyes open, lindsay copping a deal that would have put her behind

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